31M. New to cali originally from dc but came here from florida and i'm looking to make new friends. I lead an adventure filled active lifestyle and enjoy going out at night. I was going to attend stetson law in florida before i took the job that moved me to cali so i look foreward to getting back to school. i'm tired of looking around the internet for guys and finding nothing but solicitations for anonymous sex and crude ones at that GROSS

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  • playswellwithothers
    playswellwithothers reviewed The Castle Over a year ago
    Loves it

    a cool place for vampires and the like
    This place is cool it is a club in a wharehouse in ybor totally made to look like a dungeon/ vampire castle everything from the floor to bar to furniture was with the theme of the place a diverse crowd mostly g&l's but theres vampires, goths and straight people too more bars than you could ever need so u wont wait for a drink long a cool place to check out

  • playswellwithothers
    playswellwithothers reviewed Ocean Beach Over a year ago
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    My favorite
    Now i lived in florida for 4 yrs i love OB with a passion there are a ton of little shops and the actual beach has good surf and a decent sized swim area it is also canine friendly wich in fl is uncommon a great place to go with friends or familly by that way if you do go you have to stop by newport coffee directlly across from the street from the lifguard station/ public restroom building they have the best healthy food/ coffee ever for a great price

  • playswellwithothers
    playswellwithothers reviewed Marriott Del Mar Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Wow this hotel was superb no complaints whatsoever got it for 50 a night on priceline outrageous outdoor pool complete with fire pits flatscreen tvs live music lounge area there is a great restaurant in the lobby with a full bar and sushi bar the only thing i could say is that the parking was 16 a night