Peter Iveson, 74M. I like travelling. I really enjoy going to a place I haven't been to. I usually go on my own,make my own travel and hotel arrangements. I like to explore a new area. I am a leather bear and enjoy the gay fetish scene.I enjoy travelling when I have a like minded travel companion.

Toronto, Canada
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  • eagle BOLT bar Downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis


  • peter.iveson.52
    peter.iveson.52 reviewed eagle BOLT bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    was at a bar visit sponsored by the Defenders july 5 /13
    While I was attending the Dignity Conference,The Defenders a leather/levi group Dignity's outreach to the leather GLBT community held a open bar night there. I hadn't been there for over ten years,the guys were friendly,although it doesn't enforce a leather code.Again it was a hot night but it was air conditioned.

  • peter.iveson.52
    peter.iveson.52 reviewed Manhandler Saloon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    First time since 1987
    My kind of bar.It was quiet last Monday night July 8/13 i was only in Chicago one night.Someone told me to go there. I got into action on the patio with 2 kinky guys afterwards we talked in the bar and one drove me back to my hotel and we exchanged emails and are was a very hot summer night.Sleazy bars are friendly bars.