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  • Midtowne Spa Downtown, Los Angeles


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    I joined GayCities just so I could give what I hope is a more balanced review than many I've seen here. I was visiting L.A. and came to Midtowne Spa on a Sunday afternoon. Timing seems to be key at any bathhouse, but in my experience the best fucks come from going at some of the seemingly unlikeliest of times. And Sunday afternoons seem to be a best bet. It certainly was at Midtowne Spa, where, when I arrived, there was a line literally spilling out onto the street. Granted, there wasn't a single guy in the line, all of whom were far too old for me, that I would have wanted, and the guy at the front of the line held us all up for what felt like ten minutes for no discernibly good reason. That said, this was the largest bathhouse I had ever been to, with four floors to roam around in: a basement floor where most of the nasty action I go looking for tended to be happening; steam room, jacuzzi and pool on the ground floor (which was not crowded but well used while I was there); and two floors full of rentable rooms above. Even above that is a fifth area on the roof where nude sunbathing can be found/done. And, let's be clear, the place was HOPPING while I was there, and the vast majority of them were guys that did nothing for me -- in most cases because they were too old, too fat, or both. But guess what? When the place is that busy, you'll inevitably find someone to your tastes, and I did. Twice. I found a nice svelte guy to fuck a while in one of the basement maze compartments with a locking door. Very soon after, I found another guy to fuck me and it was one of the best fucks I've ever had. I like to go where there's a lot of action going on. I like to watch and be watched -- or at least heard. The basement floor here provided all this for me. Now, to be honest, I did jizz all over the floor so someone later probably stepped in it. I've stepped in it other times too so I guess what goes around cums around. I wasn't all that fond of the steam room. I tried to sit on one of the benches and an apparent heater right behind my legs made me feel like my skin was getting seared off. The entire steam room space otherwise wasn't really conducive to the action I've seen in steam rooms at other bathhouses, especially in Seattle. If I had my way, I'd find a bathhouse that had sexy-low lighting but was still light enough to be able to see who/what is groping you. I haven't found that anywhere else and didn't really find it here. But maybe that's just wishful thinking. In any event, in a place like this, which isn't spectacular but itsn't bad at all, it's not hard to find a decent piece of ass or a nice cock to get off with, even though you have two swim upstream through a sea of cellulite and wrinkles. Persistence pays, and the $24 I spent here was worth every penny.