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  • Oasis The Village/Le Village, Montreal
  • Colonial Baths Plateau, Montreal
  • Sauna Centre-Ville The Village/Le Village, Montreal


  • paulpatlee
    paulpatlee reviewed Colonial Baths Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Bear club
    This place might be popular during Spring and summer cuz the rooftop is pretty cool. However, the condition of the place is running down and pretty dirty. The fungus are everywhere, in the steam, sauna room, drinking fountain. The clients are bears, oldies, overweight, Bi Russians guys who have no considération toward other people. Once there is a big group of the Russian guys hanging out there, the entire place truned to be their private bathhouse. They speak very loud and take over the whole place. If you don't have a car, it's quite a long walk from Sherbrook station, Plus you don;t want to spend 14 CAD for dirty and filthy place. You might get skin disease after the visit. Trust me.

  • paulpatlee
    paulpatlee reviewed Oasis Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Terrible, Rude Staff
    Well, I don't expect a 5 stars hôtel service from any bathhouse cuz bathhouse is always bathhouse. However, As I read the comments and reviews of this place, 95 % of customers experienced the same thing. THE STAFF are extremely rude, If you don't speak french, they could even throw the towel, Key and condom on your face when you check in. Personally, I do speak and understand french , still got the bad attitude from a bitchy punk staff at the counter. As I checked in and asked for a locker, I did not know whether that faggot was really a deaf or pretended to be a deaf. I had to speak loud, louder and loudest in order for him to understand that I need to rent a locker. ( I did not mean to be rude to him by raising my voice for a locker , what really pissed me off was his face, his bitchy attitude, discrimination and racist ) 2 hours later, I asked for a new towel, this a--hole just told me in french with attitude that I was not allowed to get a new towel at the counter and pointed the finger to tell me to get the towel at the gate. I have been to this sauna many times and I always got the towel at the counter. This punk fag was such an a--hole. I did not talked back to him. Furthermore, the way that hé talked to other people was so so rude, the guy that I met in the sauna, hé is a regular and hé talked to me the same way about the staff working there. I prefer not to go to this place when this asshole is working. FYI, after I got the new towel, I noticed that the size of my foot is the same as this fag's face. WTF. One star is not worth for this place.

  • paulpatlee
    paulpatlee reviewed Sauna Centre-Ville Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Bear, Oldies.
    Went to this place, million of oldies and fat people, The place is nice and clean, however, it's not on my list, Never, Ever.