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  • Coquette Cafe Third Ward, Milwaukee
  • Honeypie Cafe Bay View Area, Milwaukee



  • nudeswim
    nudeswim reviewed Cubby Hole Over a year ago
    Loves it

    This is the diviest dive bar you can imagine. Don't stop here if you are looking for a "club." I always have a good time. Cheap drinks. Lots of 2 for 1 specials, usually tied to some state of disrobing. Friendly crowd of regulars. No pretensions. And it gets very frisky (don't ask me for details). Stopped there New Years' Eve and after midnight I... we... well, you know.

  • nudeswim
    nudeswim reviewed Honeypie Cafe Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Honeypie is a real sweetie
    After lots of walking at Gallery Night, we were ready for some kitchen artistry. Honey Pie did not disappoint! We had to check out the pork fries for a starter: a big mound of fries smothered with BBQ pork, jalapenos, cheese sauce, and topped with bacon. The five of us fought over each gooey bite. Chili, a ham and cheese pasty, locally grown fresh salads...all perfect. And strawberry shortcake on homemade shortbread for dessert? You gotta be kidding. This place will be a regular stop.

  • nudeswim
    nudeswim reviewed Coquette Cafe Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Warm feeling on a cold night
    Windy, cold and snow in the forecast (Is this April?). We needed a place to warm up...and found a cozy respite inside the Cafe Coquette. Although chef Sanford d'Amato no longer owns the cafe, the combination of an interesting menu and good food continues. My son-in-law Fabio (that's really his name) chose the $25 special menu. He liked the veal meat loaf, but didn't care for the bean soup. After warming up with a glass of Malbec, beautiful daughter Andrea warmed up some more with the French onion soup...yes, lots of melted cheese on top! Andrea and I, both watching our girlish figures, went for soup and salad. She was ecstatic with the beet salad; I was equally pleased with the Salad Nicoise. Neither of us dieters ordered dessert. Instead, we ate Fabio's latte mousse. It was sinfully good. The tab...pretty reasonable. Waiter...definitely gay!