Cities around the world are beginning to reopen restaurants and shops and some bars, be sure to call ahead before going. Many Pride events have moved online, check out our virtual pride calendar for the latest.

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  • Gold Coast West Hollywood, West Hollywood


  • nougat
    nougat reviewed Gold Coast Over a year ago
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    I always really liked this place. It's been a few years since I've been there, but you guys mostly sound pretty spot on. I think I'll take the scenic route home from work tonight and stop in there for a couple beers. Perhaps I'll have more to add after tonight - but as I recall, as of a few years ago, I found Gold Coast to be one of the few actually pleasant bars to hang out in, in Weho. It could be that I had a designated driver all the the time back then, and I saw the whole place through beer goggles... I'll let you know.