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  • Banos Metro Santiago
  • Night Barcelona Eixample, Barcelona


  • niclas
    niclas reviewed Night Barcelona Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Cosy and homey
    Great bar with friendly staff. Great ambience. Mostly locals (a plus) free wifi - great for us visitors. A must whenever I'm in Barcelona.

  • niclas
    niclas reviewed Banos Metro Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Ok sauna.
    Small but ok clean place. They were doing some reconstruction for a new dray sauna and some in the shower area. Staff were nice. A small cruise area and a few cabins two video rooms. No pools.

  • niclas
    niclas reviewed Banos 282 Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Warning! had to add a star to review - place not worthy of any!
    Been to many places but none as disgusting as this one. A bad smell of bad cleaning and mold throughout the entire place. Plaster falling off the walls in the saunas. Didn't even dare to enter the pools. Staff totally ignored you until you litterally poked them.

  • niclas
    niclas reviewed Vox Populi Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great ambiance
    First time in Santiago, was suggested Vox Populi on an online Chat. Was amazed. Although totally anonymous from the street, a large villa with bars on at least two floors and in the amazing back garden.