Nick Vilone, 44M. My name is Nick! I`m from Milan (Italy) I live in Acton Town (Bollo Bridge Road) in LONDON and I work for a Bank in East London near St. Paul's and Mansion House. I`m very open and I like to enjoy life and meet a lot of people having laughes and fun. I'm also a DJ and I play euphoric uplifting Trance music (i.e. Gatecrasher, Godskitchen, FireItUp, Gallery @ Ministry Of Sound style). I also love swimming and travelling. Ages ago I was looking for someone to love forever but then I gave up because, after all my experience on the gay scene, after all the times I`ve been hurt, suffered, and cried it`s very hard for me to still believe in gay relationships! So I just take things as they come and I can also enjoy a simple night of sex. But I would also be available for an open relationship.

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