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  • The Two Brewers South, London
  • SFMOMA Financial District, San Francisco


  • nickf72
    nickf72 reviewed The Two Brewers Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Goodnatured fun if you're south of the river
    Yes, VoHo is the new scene, but the Two Brewers is a solid, friendly, fun night out and has been around like, for ever. For those like me (ahem) who remember it when it was a dubious local dive (though still fun, even then..) with blacked-out windows and a sidestreet entrance, the place now is a sight to behold. Nice crowd, good (mix of) music, and without the hassle of the centre - recommended.

  • nickf72
    nickf72 reviewed SFMOMA Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Excellent West Coast view on modern art
    Not being an art buff, I depend on a museum to be not just fun, but also informative, and provide some explanations along with the art. SFMOMA does this excellently; their audioguide is excellent, and in fact calling it an audioguide is doing it an injustice, with videos and interactive features alongside good audio explanations. The collection itself is first-class, as you'd expect, and really gives a good overview of not just modern art, but what's distinctive about the West Coast flavour of it; especially the current 75th anniversary exhibition. Just be prepared to spend quite a while there - it drew me in for the entire day!