Alfred Barrios, 50. Irish/Mexican who has an evil sense of humor. I have no fear, and I have no hang ups. I speak truthfully and don't give a damn what people think. Looking for THE ONE, but also dates, maybe FWB. Be up front and honest though. My Ideal Person: I think military guys, tattooed guys, furry guys, beefy guys, foreign guys, and muscle guys are hot...but am open minded... not usually into other BIG guys though. Honesty, confidence, and humor are VERY sexy to me. This is me, I am what I am... don't take me for granted because unlike others, I'm not afraid to walk away... Also, I'm 6'2" and 360lbs.. so I'm a massive dude. If that's an issue, then piss off. I'm honest and blunt... always. This is upsetting to people sometimes... perhaps they preferred to be lied to... I'm not really sure. "Larger than life is just the right size." So I have one question for you.... Got balls?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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