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    natalie.ioannou.14 reviewed Bar Titania CLOSED, AWAITING NEW VENUE Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Welcome from hell
    Bar Titania. More like Bar Let's-Just-Be-Rude-To-Paying-Customers-Because-I've-Had-A-Bad-Week-ania. I can happily say that I have had better service at the 24 hour Mc Donald's at 4am (when the workers really want to go home). Experiencing the most unwelcome welcome in London. If you're looking to have a brilliant night out with friends to let your hair down after a long week, this place is NOT the place for that. Being rudely welcomed in by an over aggressive security guard, question time was defiantly on her agenda. Me, along with four others were grilled as if we were at a police station, I'm not sure if she realised she was actually a bar security guard rather than a prison guard. Who knows she may have been roll playing? The five of us then walked up the stairs as we could see there were not enough seats for us all, half way up the stairs we were shouted at and told we would all have to buy a drink if we wanted to stay. In every bar that I've been to, I usually find my seat and then get a drink. Not the other way around. After we then all brought drinks and was forced to sit downstairs (where there were clearly not enough spaces) four of us managed to bag a seat, which left one person, who then sat on my lap because she had no other choice. The security guard then rushed over and dragged my friend off my lap and demanded she stood as the chairs were vintage, therefore having her on my lap was outrageous... If seats are not meant to be sat on, don't buy them for a bar where people come to sit and socialise? She then walked off for a moment then rushed back with so much fury. Her fury was for my friend who closed her eyes for a second, this is because she has been suffering from migraines and has been at work from the morning and had only just finished her shift. With this explained to the security guard, and had apologised for having her eyes closed for a period of five whole seconds. The security guard then brought her face levelled to my friends face and through gritted teeth explained there was to be no sleeping in HER bar what so ever so my friend would have to get out. With all five of us confused and a horrible atmosphere now created within the bar, the security guard grabbed the drink out of my other friends hand and told us all to leave (my friend only having had a sip of two of his drink) he wanted to finish his drink because he had paid a lot of money for it, so the guard dragged him to the bar and forced him to drink it all now and then in front of her. I thought this was a bar? Not a prison. The bar tender then explained that the guard has had a long week, this to me is no reason for her to behave this way. You keep your personal life at home when you come into your professional environment. The way she acted that night was not professional in the slightest. She may have had a bad night, but she then created five other people to have a bad night also. Therefore if you're looking to have a good time, this is not the place. If you're looking to role play prison life, then that's the place for you! I will NEVER be attending that god awful place again!