A. Morgan, 39M. Hi there! Its difficult for me to describe myself. I usually have others do it for me. This much I do know: I'm a sportsfan, in particular the Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, and Navy Football. My favorite activities are shopping, playing Pac-Man or baseball on the Wii with my friend, and competing in track & field meets. I am a high school track coach and I work in administration at a middle school. Personality wise, I have a penchant for wanting to be right so I will debate casually from time to time. Politically, I am a liberal Democrat except I do not agree with pro-choice. Oh, and I am a Libra so I should technically get along well with you unless you are a Scorpio. Then again, I don't really buy 100% into horoscopes. My philosophy is live your best life today with with what you have. On this site I seek pen-pals mostly who will slowly become shopping or traveling buddies or perhaps, a little more. I have no interest in a serious long-term relationship at this time.

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