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  • Rehab Saint Louis Manchester Avenue, St. Louis
  • mweberwebster1982
    mweberwebster1982 reviewed Rehab Saint Louis Over a year ago
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    You know I have been at this bar time and time again...and I have always had a blast here with my gay friends....and you know I am a fag hag...the thing that boggles my mind is that I have never seen so many gay men that hate straight know I support gays and I prefer to hang with gay women and men they are the most sweetest people I have ever met...but yet the gay men who want support and want acceptance are the first ones to be so rude...i don't understand that....if you were not so rude to people ( women ) maybe you would actually be treated better....I love this bar...the bartenders and the drinks...they have always made my drinks super strong...but i do tip pretty well and they do pay attention to people who if you are skeet on a tip then yeah they will make your drinks weak...