Roel hinojosa, 29M. ** Ello! I'm Roel... i have been living in san antonio for about a year and a half now . I have been enjoying the new place and new people that i have met especially my new great friends .I Live the Life i Love and Love the Life I Live -BM.I love being with friends & family i just find much joy in being around good people who are great and who have always been there for me. Without them i would be lost. Throughout my life i have learned alot from my experiences good and bad. they are the greatest lessons learned in life which helped me become who i am today and where i will be in the future. i believe that things happens for a reason and that they only fall out of place so that better things can come into place. ok.anywho here are a few things you should know... im terrified of spiders and i'm a big chicken when it comes to roller coasters. i love the beach (lakes river ect.),i love the sun , i love listening to the rain or just watching the rain. i love walking around downtown or anywhere when its chilly or just being chill drinking a starbucks coffee.I love to learn new things or try out new things.i love the stars at night. and im kinda afraid of the anywho... if you want to know more just add me and lets be friends! ha :]]]]]]]

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  • Oilcan Harry's Warehouse District, Austin
  • Rain Warehouse District, Austin
  • Bonham Exchange Alamo, San Antonio
  • Heat Northcentral, San Antonio