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  • Projeto SB Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro
  • Termas Leblon Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro
  • Rio G Spa Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro
  • Termas Catete Centro, Rio de Janeiro
  • Le Boy Fitness Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
  • mongoose
    mongoose reviewed Termas Catete Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Not to bad
    Older guys , very mixed crowd. I did find and have fun with some very nice looking guys. Nice and clean and the staff are super friendly. You can actual relax and enjoy yourself here

  • mongoose
    mongoose reviewed Copacabana Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Half Mast
    Its wasnt to bad . The people here are real , no words about that., No Buffed pretty boys here , just real people. So if you like your men with a bit of meat and a bit of silver. This might be your place. The Venue is cleanish . Not spotless . Needs a bit of work here and there. And WOW HOT showers.. Shock horror.. Seriously spoilt with HOT showers. Price wasnt to bad to get in. Probably gets busy at around 6 in the evening.

  • mongoose
    mongoose reviewed Le Boy Fitness Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Le Dirty smelly
    I hated this place. hate is such a strong word. It is whats wrong with bath Houses. Its seedy , its smelly , it sucked and not in a nice way. After a few people recommended this place , i thought i would give it a try. Guys Florescent lights in the bar area .. come on. And a dark room so dark it looked and felt like a black sheet. NO way. The Shower areas stank of old feet. The Staff were hanging around the change areas , making anyone comming in feel very uncomfortable. And if any bath house ever give me sandles directly off another client you can stick your entrance fee up.. YOU get it,, HYGIENE.. Le boy is dirty , smelly and really not a fun place . I left feeling depressed and dirty. I walked down the road (Very quickly as this area is not at all nice at night ) to Rio G Spa and had a much better time. Sorry Le Boy , your time is up , you need a make over , a nuclear dis-disinfectant , a paint job and a decorator.

  • mongoose
    mongoose reviewed Projeto SB Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Once Bitten Twice Shy
    This place is Ok. Its a bit dirty , and the guys seem to be locals that cruise in groups ( The worst type ). I did managed to pull a guy so no complaints there. The Jacuzi needs some attention , Umm My poor but got sandpapered by the rough anti slip home made paint job. Cruising is tight and multi storied. Did notice that the more drinks i had the lower my bill went. Mistake ? I guess so or there would have been more pissed people here. Very dark place.

  • mongoose
    mongoose reviewed Termas Leblon Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Expensive ?? WHY
    Why so expensive ? Did i miss the free massage or something ? I spent the evening getting very bored of watching everyone chase each other around , Nothing is worse that having to leave a Spa with a hardon because everyone was to busy chasing each other to actually do anything. This place is Ok , not the worst , but for the price i want more than soccer on the big screens and a whole load of men just laying around. I want action.. I guess a Saturday night is not the night to go.. who knows , nothing was in English , and the staff were ok.

  • mongoose
    mongoose reviewed Rio G Spa Over a year ago
    Loves it

    RIo G Spa
    I have been back twice to this place. Very upmarket , appreciated the English signs around the place . Staff was friendly on all visits ( Just smile and nod dammit ) Place rocks from about 4 in teh afternoon onwards , seems the locals come off the beaches and head into the place. Nice selection of guys , a few tourists mixed with locals. Ask at the door for number of people inside. I got laid every-time i went ,so cant complain about the guys been stuck up. This place is super clean , i still rate it as one of the best Spas i have been to in Rio.