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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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  • The Silver Fox Downtown, Long Beach
  • Executive Suite Artcraft Manor, Long Beach
  • Hamburger Mary's Long Beach nightclub Downtown, Long Beach
  • Hamburger Mary's West Hollywood West Hollywood, West Hollywood



  • mjbeahm
    mjbeahm reviewed 24 Hour Fitness, Van Ness Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Even business men sweat.
    Located near the Civic Center, this 24 Hour seems to cater to the business/professional crowd. Nevertheless there were people of all ages there the times that I worked out. The machines were well kept and in working order. They have a large, co-ed wet room. Relatively open showers. Plenty of locker space. Two floors - one for mostly cardio and the other mostly weights. It was never crowded while I was there, but I did go on off hours. You really can't ask for much more in a gym.

  • mjbeahm
    mjbeahm reviewed San Francisco LGBT Community Center Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Funny story.
    So I decided to stop by the Center to get some advice on what to do around SF to get some gay history. You know there was that Milk guy who pioneered something or other in his day. I went up to the info desk and told the guy sitting there that I was visiting for a few days and asked if he could suggest anything to do to learn more about the history of gay rights in the area. His response was pretty priceless. He said that he didn't know of anything like that, but he could recommend a number of bars/clubs that I might like. While I appreciated his advice, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Lol. For the record, I have no doubt that the Center does great work and is a boon to the community. Also the building itself is pretty cool looking.

  • mjbeahm
    mjbeahm reviewed Eros Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Being naked approaches being revolutionary; going barefoot is mere populism.
    Having been in SF for a couple day holiday what else is one to do but go outside the norm and try something a bit different. My boyfriend and I decided to try a bathhouse and see what we thought. Others have pretty much described what Eros is like, so I won't retread that, but I will say that it was alot of fun and we had a great time. We went during the new mid-day hours and it was pretty empty, but for us that worked out for the better.

  • mjbeahm
    mjbeahm reviewed 24 Hour Fitness Long Beach Over a year ago
    Loves it

    The sign in the men's wet area states:
    Bathing suits must be worn at all times. That's telling. But as a gym, its just like every other 24 Hour Fitness. Has all the necessary weights, cardio machines, workout room, and it even has a fairly large lap pool. The staff is friendly and I've never been there were it was so crowded you had to wait too long to use anything. This is also one of the last gyms that I've been to that still has the gang showers. I'm not bothered by that at all, but I'm also not an exhibitionist, so it was surprising to see in this age of towel dancers or worse not showering at all. And if you use the Steamroom ... sit on a towel even if you do keep your shorts on.

  • mjbeahm
    mjbeahm reviewed Aquarium of the Pacific Over a year ago
    Hates it

    If you like being surrounded by kids ...
    As an Aquarium, its OK. It focuses alot on California Marine Life which might be interesting to some adults, but when I was there it was littered with screaming school kids. And hey, I work with kids. Love em. Think they're precious. But when they are all on a school trip and the chaperons are on a cigarette break ... well, let's just say that its what hell must be like on the 7th level.

  • mjbeahm
    mjbeahm reviewed Celebration Theatre Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Gay Theater - Is that redundant?
    I have several friends who have worked with Celebration Theater (directors, actors and crew) and have seen a variety of shows there. While the production value may vary depending on the people working on the projects, Celebration is a great place to see current gay plays that are often edgy and relevant to our culture. Try this for a good time: hit up a show one night, grab a Starbucks after to talk about the issue at hand then go to WeHo and hook up with Mr. Right Now.

  • mjbeahm
    mjbeahm reviewed Hamburger Mary's West Hollywood Over a year ago
    Hates it

    As a restaurant? A bit too pricey.
    I imagine there isn't alot to be surprised about if this is where you end up for dinner. There's isn't anything wrong with Hamburger Mary's cuisine, but there also isn't any reason to choose it either. If you're in a jam and can't drive down the block to find an actual restaurant, this will do. The portions are large, but so are the prices. I'm a huge fan of HM for the nightlife, just not for my Kobe Burgers.

  • mjbeahm
    mjbeahm reviewed Belmont Shore Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A little bit of everyone
    Belmont Shores is far from a "gay" beach though on any given day you will find plenty of gay men (and presumably womyn) catching some rays. My boyfriend and I like the beach here enough to haunt it on a regular basis. Its also close to several gay bars so you can get out of the sun and grab a drink when the mood strikes. I think Belmont would be more aptly named a mixed beach as there are people of all persuasions laying out their beach towels, but the key thing (to me) is that it is very liberal and open minded and everyone is welcomed without much fanfare. When the waves calmed down while doing a little body surfing, my boyfriend and I made out in the water. Not far away a straight couple had the same idea. No one batted an eye and all was right in the world.