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  • Roscoe's Boystown, Chicago
  • Hydrate Boystown, Chicago


  • minn_stud
    minn_stud reviewed Hydrate Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Hydrate w/alcohol before you go
    Hydrate is good after some heavy drinking at Roscoe's. If you like dance/techno, you will love it. Sometimes I get a headache from it though. It's definetely not a place to chill. Monday nights are $1 drinks, holler.

  • minn_stud
    minn_stud reviewed Roscoe's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    I love Chicago
    I agree with everyone. Roscoe's is the best gay bar in Boystown. It's cool because you can go on the dance floor and shake-it to "dance" music, or you can hang out in the video-bar, where they play more top-40's stuff. And you can dance up there too. Sunday nights are fun, they have male-call where you take a number, and then can write messages to each other, in case you're too shy to come out and ask.