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  • Little Beach (Makena State Park) Maui, Kihei


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    mikebares reviewed Little Beach (Makena State Park) Over a year ago
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    Little Beach is still a Jewel...but beware
    There are not many places on the earth like Little Beach, Maui. We are just back from what must be something like our 20th visit and it was really really great and very very gay. The vibe was fun, there was drumming, whales breaching just off shore, the gay section ( north end) seemed bigger than ever and the waves were plenty big for boogie boarding. On the other hand, the amount of trash strewn along the "nature trails" to the north was epic. Others in our group claimed that it was only because of the prolonged lack of rainfall and thus lack of plant cover that the trash seemed much worse. If I had known in advance I would have brought a trashbag with me and cleaned it all up myself. The other things to beware of were the undertow - which I don't recall ever being so strong and the mistake I made in buying a brownie from one of the vendors. Please be advised that the brownies that the vendors sell on the beach for $5/ea. take a full four hours to kick in are very stong even though they taste completely delicious and "normal". I would strongly advise really to not even sample the brownies at all for awhile, if you do don't eat more than 1/2 a brownie per person and absolutely do not mix with alcohol . I waited 2 hours and felt absolutely nothing and then an hour after eating the 2nd half I started feeling it and my buzz got well past anything that was fun. I ended up passing out in hitting my head on a table in a restaurant 4 hours after the first bite and waking up in a puddle of my own vomit. The age range on the beach this year was much more diverse than in the past. There was a gay kid who had just turned 20 and there were others who were 60+ with every age in-between. I would say the gay crowd was split about 50/50 naked/bathing suits. The best part was that their was plenty of sand on the beach - beware that sometimes storms can come by and sweep practically all of the sand away leaving just sharp lava rock and just as quickly bring it all back in one day. Little Beach is not to be missed if you are gay and visiting Maui unless you are totally freaked out by the sight of naked people of all ages and shapes I'd say go.