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  • RawHide2010 French Quarter, New Orleans
  • Twist South Beach, Miami Beach


  • miamidude69
    miamidude69 reviewed SCORE Over a year ago
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    Score is a place to be SEEN...
    Score is a fun bar, but typical of Miami hot spots, it doesn't get moving until late...chill outside on Lincoln Road and be seen by all those walkin around...Latin Night is out of control...a fun place for drinks all the time...

  • miamidude69
    miamidude69 reviewed RawHide2010 Over a year ago
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    Thank you Rawhide 2010!
    Thanks for a HOT weekend for Decadence! What an awesome chill out and fun bar! Thanks also to that young dude in rubber that I had fun with...that sums up my hot times at Rawhide...a definate in NOLA!!

  • miamidude69
    miamidude69 reviewed Twist Over a year ago
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    TWIST is the only place to party in South Beach!
    Twist is the ultimate bar to chill out at, dance your tail off, or find a piece of tail! There are so many different bars to visit but don't arrive till after 1am...south beach is asleep until then! Visit my hot friend Avi at the bar upstairs...he will take good care of you and your drinks!