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  • Ziegfield's/Secrets Southeast, Washington
  • Rainbow Cabaret/Playhouse Theatre Drew Park, Tampa
  • The Tampa Men's Club Drew Park, Tampa


  • mhudson
    mhudson reviewed Ziegfield's/Secrets 7 months ago
    Hates it

    Untouchable naked straight men and their girlfriends make this an uninviting place, nothing like it was in its original location. The dancers all seem straight and disinterested in being there except for the money. Women galore (which I hate and resent in a place of this sort) make for a further slap in the face to gay patrons. I guess I am an old-school fag here who cannot stand the intrusion. I will find better ways to spend my money.

  • mhudson
    mhudson reviewed The Tampa Men's Club 7 months ago
    Hates it

    Got fleeced at this place recently and it took a while to get up the nerve to admit I was dumb enough to go there. I have read multiple bad reviews for some time but assumed it was mostly exaggerated but the bad press is proven TRUE. Several cars were parked outside so it looked busy. I paid a stiff price to get in and found the place virtually empty. The rude clerk was very sarcastic and condescending when I complained. When I left I got a better look at the cars outside and noticed several flat tires. WHAT A FRAUD!

  • mhudson
    mhudson reviewed Rainbow Cabaret/Playhouse Theatre 7 months ago
    Hates it

    Went last night and it was not only embarrassingly bad, it was criminal! This place needs to be gutted and redone or just knocked down by a team of bulldozers. Entering through the rickety front doors was a laugh--the outer door is nearly falling off and the inner door is some pretense of a security door made of plywood and a pipe. Sloping floors make for awkward navigation in the nearly total darkness. Halfway to the lockerroom was an area of worn out sofas with a leaking roof where water poured in. The lockers themselves were ALL broken and not to be trusted for safely storing any valuables. Non-functional urinals, showers, and other "sanitation" fixtures look as though the mantra here is "once it is broken don't ever fix it". Rude signs about "not providing maid service" show a hostile attitude toward paying clientele who are grossly overcharged, particularly when none of the money taken in is applied to maintenance. This is a sick and shameful example of just how bad Tampa can really be.