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  • Bike Stop Washington Square West, Philadelphia
  • Bar Le Stud The Village/Le Village, Montreal


  • mhiim
    mhiim reviewed Body Shop Over a year ago
    Hates it

    "we don't want your kind"
    me & partner met up with 2 friends. the owner told us after a few hours as long as "you don't get loud i won't kick your asses out." wtf? so i asked him, calmly, collectedly, what did i do? do you have me confused with someone else? but before i could finish i was told that "the 4 of us are always loud" and to "sit down!" it's funny because that was the first time the "4 of us" were there together and we were all quietly watching hockey. told my partner let's go. we waited outside for our two friends to finish their drinks, and before they could the owner was outside, drunk as a skunk, yelling how we are unwelcome and he's gonna call the cops and "we don't want your kind" -- i guess in shape and attractive isn't allowed here. fyi, in the past month i've gone to this bar 3 times, late at night, usually the only customer. in the past 3 months, i've gone maybe 4 times. SO WHAT EXACTLY DID I DO TO GET BLACKLISTED? nothing. and that's why this bar is horrible. don't waste your time.

  • mhiim
    mhiim reviewed Bike Stop Over a year ago
    Loves it

    best bar ever
    i loved this bar when i live in philly and i miss it every time i go out since i've come to tampa. it's the only bar i've been to in either city where a) i am friendly with all the bartenders and b) i can say things and get laughter where in other bars i get guffaws from nelly queens. it will be the first place i go when i get to philly again.

  • mhiim
    mhiim reviewed Bar Le Stud Over a year ago
    Loves it

    so awesome.
    best bar i went to in montreal. everyone is nice. there is dancing at night. if you use the word "woof" often, do come here. if you like men and wanna get laid, you shouldn't have a problem here. ;)

  • mhiim
    mhiim reviewed Circus Afterhours Over a year ago
    Hates it

    it's alright
    great music. good set up. but just didn't do it for me. there didn't seem to be a single place that you could speak and be heard and i think maybe this is an explanation for why everyone felt so cold -- it was like everyone was there alone. but worth checking out if you like to dance.