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  • mcmuldd
    mcmuldd reviewed Karamba Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    three thats a bit much
    Been trying this place from March 3 to the 8th and we will try one more time saturday.. but there is NOTHING redeeming about this club. The single drag show was spanish - understandable but not for the tourist crowd unless you are fluent. Last night it was like the bartender invited straight couples for pretend crowds. The drinks are marginally more expensive than 11:11 just down the street. Staff is friendly enough .. just deadsville. We were the only ones in the place a couple of times.. why i suspect they invited friends last night - we tried this place at 11:30, 1:30 and again after 11:11 was nearly closed - there's been no optimum time as yet (03/08) Its spring break here and none of the gay bars are promoting themselves so .. its all a local crowd, including 11:11 .. a few travelers were in 11:11 I suspect they, like us, googled or gaycitied their way over... too bad - so much potential and zip effort in marketing to a broad audience - hell even the "promotional cards" we got last night for ameture strip night last night were for a show on the 2nd - wtf?