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  • mbp2620
    mbp2620 reviewed Paradise Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Paradise advise from a local
    This bar has a very broad spectum of patrons. The only nights it is crowded is Saturday night and not until after 11 pm. Lower level has a good sized dance floor but the music is predictable abd totally uninspired.

  • mbp2620
    mbp2620 reviewed Machine Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Machine/Ramrod local's perspective.
    This bar used to own Friday dance nights but the management and lame DJs have ground it into the ground. It is currently in last gasp mode. Ramrod upstairs used to draw a sketchy (in the best way) crowd to its mid lit and monitored back room for the dirtiest safe grope and make-out scene Boston could offer. Again, management has canned most of the bartenders with loyal followings and have mandated the serving of the weakest drinks in any Boston gay bar. It tells, crowd has dropped way off. Friday is the only night to go, if at all.