Marvin Grenier, 57M. Love the country! Love the farm, acerage & all that we do here! Having a blast! Still have to get a big city fix every month or so. There is our playground...& we love to play! I'm a big boy, so most pics aren't allowed...sorry boys! Let's just leave it as big, thick, long & hard...oh, yea! And ready for action! Love to Club baths in Houston & Dallas as well as San Antonio baths. Owned largest club in Galveston, Texas, so lite on the club scene, but do go out when travelling!

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  • marvingrenier
    marvingrenier reviewed The Club Houston Over a year ago
    Loves it

    If You Like Blow Buddies in San Fransisco...
    The Club Houston (a chain) has made alot of improvements positioning itself as a playground mecca! From gym, saunas, to public areas such as video room with sling, rows of booths with glory holes to the "service station" room with ramp & holes all around. Set up is like Blow Buddies, only you can talk here...wish they had a silence rule in the public areas...would make it even more exciting!