Marlin Spellman, 78M. Loyal; romantic; passionate; sensitive; not into game playing; kissing, cuddling, body contact, versatile, very oral giving and receiving, erotic massages--love any interaction with a man. I just love the male body and any contact I have with it. I look forward to hot times with any hot man. I have met several in my lifetime :) and I hop to meet others.

Cleveland, Ohio
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5 Loved Places


  • Cocktails Cleveland Detroit Shoreway, Cleveland
  • Twist Social Club Edgewater, Cleveland
  • FLEX Spas Cleveland Downtown, Cleveland
  • PlayhouseSquare Playhouse Square District, Cleveland


  • marlin.spellman
    marlin.spellman reviewed Twist Social Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fantastic place to visit
    The neat thing about this place besides providing a great atmosphere for the gay community is that it is only just around the corner from where I live :)

  • marlin.spellman
    marlin.spellman reviewed Bounce Nightclub & Hinge Lounge Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great entertainment and good way to meet people
    It is a fantastic way to meet other gay men in the Cleveland area.

  • marlin.spellman
    marlin.spellman reviewed PlayhouseSquare Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Love the theater
    This gives me the opportunity to go to live professional entertainment in the 2nd largest theater district in the US.

  • marlin.spellman
    marlin.spellman reviewed FLEX Spas Cleveland Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Have been there a couple of times and would like to go again. Was there on a Sunday evening--age was not a factor and had a super time. Have two theaters but never saw the regular one--just porn is the name of the game. Would love to go again for sure, but feel somewhat intimidated now; think one of the bouncers is not a great friend of mine. Well, that is what he told me in Facebook and defriended me. Just need to forget that and go there and have a great time. I found that that Sunday evening to early Monday moring was super--you name it and it was happening :)