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  • Campus The Village/Le Village, Montreal
  • Chilli Pepper 24 Hrs Santa Cecilia, sp


  • marciocostabh
    marciocostabh reviewed Chilli Pepper 24 Hrs Over a year ago
    Loves it

    best in sao Paulo
    The best bathhouse in Sao Paulo. During weekend's night is always a good option for find some hot guy. In this place you can find all kind of people (ugly, handsome, thin, fat, fit, young, old, bottom, top and so on) choose yours. A little bit dark and dirty.. Seems to be a place without someone to manage properly.. Owners should visit more and supervise the staff, but sure you will find someone interesting to have fun. Try to rent a room. Its better than lockers

  • marciocostabh
    marciocostabh reviewed Campus Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I was stolen
    I went to this place and I accept the invite from one stripper, that I say his name and saw his pictures in the website ( I told him that I would pay just for one song and he says ok. We got in and the music was already playing and I asked him. We should wait the next music and He said me that nooooo. He were supposed to control the time. I said to him again that I would pay just one song. He cheat me and at the finished requeried me $40. He threatened me and almost hit me. I paid and left the place immediatly. I tought to call the owner or the police, but I gave up. I will never be in this place again. I dont advice noone to go there. They are trained to get your money easily. Be smart. With this money you can enjoy more in other places.