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  • Woofs Midtown, Atlanta
  • Black & White Men Together Midtown, Atlanta


  • macrae7
    macrae7 reviewed Black & White Men Together Over a year ago
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    Atlanta has to be racially correct in fooling everyone that there's a Black and White Men Together? The black gays have formed their own black gay pride separate from which should be the one and only one that's been there for many years standing. It's just a reflection of the reverse racism that exists between the major black population of Atlanta (gay and straight) against the whites.

  • macrae7
    macrae7 reviewed Woofs Over a year ago
    Hates it

    A joke of a sports bar
    In January 2006, I went to watch the 2005 BSC championship game, which my team way playing in. They were having Trivia night there when I got there. When the game was getting ready begin, all the TV were still muted with the trivia going on and the manager there told me they would continue the trivia until halftime with audio muted to the game. If this were to have been any SEC college in the BSC championship, the full game would have been on. Also, this bar is extremely smokey with horrible air flow along with crowd flow. The only way to feel comfortable and fit in at this bar is if you're an weekly regular there and know how to serve up some bigtime bear attitude.