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  • Cobalt / 30 Degrees Dupont, Washington
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    this is for BARE events only!
    Ok so I have attended 2 BARE events. The first time I went I lost my phone, I searched for about about 30 mins then decided I would ask someone who works there if a phone was reported. The staff was incredibly rude & would not even speak to me concerning my $300 phone. My second experience was 11/17/2012, I attended with several friends who were in town for the holidays. My closest friend lost her gold Tiffany & Co bracelet & once again when I tried to speak to someone (said he was a manager) I was told to get away. Really?!? I wanted to curse him out so bad! I have NEVER been spoken to in such a disrespectful manner in all my 28 yrs on this earth. You would think the >MANAGERS< would have more decency towards customers. Guess not @ Cobalt. Learn how to talk to people. That is the last event I'm attending there.