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  • loutastic
    loutastic reviewed RedDooR Bathhouse Over a year ago
    Hates it

    needs work
    I arrived after a Saturday night club was almost empty waited for my private room with tv did not like no place to put you're clothes a plastic storage ben.LOL(needs lockers) it is still under renovation need some work found the people there very unfriendly cold and distant a few druggies there to need work want to go when it busy I was not impressed the host spent a lot of time in a room with his boyfriend guess it on the job training ??

  • loutastic
    loutastic reviewed Hamburger Mary's Diner Over a year ago
    Loves it

    hambuger and more
    its alright there my server was a bit overwhelmed at least it seemed waited a while for my food but it was worth the wait I think the place could use a bit of a reno buy who am I to say what ever works they were busy so they know what they are doing I would return in a second thanks hamburger marys yum