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    Unfortunately zero stars isn't an option, since 1 is definitely too many. My experience with Bond St. was without a doubt the worst I've had with any business. Most importantly for the potential consumer, don't necessarily expect 100% wool or even the pattern you ordered. To start with, the fabric that I chose for my 3 piece suit mysteriously disappeared from the website just a few days after I made my order. "That's odd", I thought, but then dismissed any worries since it may have just been that my suit would be using of the last of it. Oh how nieve I was . Upon receiving my suit I immediately noticed that the pattern and color were completely wrong. I ordered a medium brown herringbone pattern, but received a dark gray-brown pinstripe. Needless to say, I was pretty pissed with my wedding looming on the horizon, but was fairly confident Justin at Bond St. would do something to make it all right. Then I noticed some other things such as certain specifications had been ignored like the number of pockets on the pants and adding elastic waist tabs. Finally, since the fabric didn't feel like wool I did a burn test on a small piece of the pant hem and realized that this was most certainly not wool, probably not even mostly wool. WTF. After presenting these issues to Justin he said that they would research the fabric content. Research? You mean you didn't already know? Upon getting back to us he claimed that upon talking to his tailors/suppliers he found out the the fabric was "80% wool, 10% cashmere, 5% rayon, and 5% other for tensile strength". Nice, so the website is a lie. I should mention he never acknowledged the part of our complaint having to do with the fabric pattern being completely wrong, or that some specs were ignored, or that the website was blatantly lying about fabric content. Whatever. Just make it right.... Nope. The options that were given were 1) return the suit for a refund or 2) keep it with a ~1/4 cost discount. He claimed if they tried to remake the suit correctly we still wouldn't be happy with it. Wow, at this point it seemed Justin had about as much confidence in his product as we had. Being that I was now in panic mode with less than 2 weeks to go to my wedding and thinking that I really wasn't going to find anything halfway decent in my dimensions without rush ordering a custom suit locally I suggested that I wear it for just the day of my wedding and then send it back. Sure, he may be doing us a favor to allow that but I figured he definitely owes us big time at this point and should probably bend over backward to save his reputation. Nope. Justin claimed that somehow because the suit had no value and couldn't be resold I had to send it back or keep it permanently. Whatever man, it's your reputation. So, with that I sent the suit back and started my desperate hunt for a decent suit within 100 miles of me. Thus concluded my worst experience with any business ever. To this day the website still claims 100% wool. Buyer beware.