30F. I thrive on Sunshine. I believe there are good people in the world but sometimes i wish I knew more of them. I love the gym. I love starry nights and cool spring days. I love to joke and even more than that I love to laugh. The color of newly sprouted green grass is a little piece of heaven to me.

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  • Henrietta Hudson West Village, New York
  • littleredelizabeth
    littleredelizabeth reviewed Henrietta Hudson Over a year ago
    Hates it

    rude pill anyone?
    I never like to write a review when I have only been to a place once, for the simple fact that there is so much to take in and depending on the night the experience is completely different. experience at Henrietta Hudson has made me never want to go again! From the moment I walked to the door I was rudely greeted, as I stepped inside I was ignored at the bar for 10 min while the girl was chatting with a woman who already had a full drink. After getting her attention she made it seem like I was inconveniencing her to purchase a drink. Half hour in, after getting gawked at ,because I happened to be the only one in the place with heals on, I wondered through the dance floor to the other side of the bar where I counted 20 ppl in the place on what was said to be a "popin" Friday night. It was lame. The people were rude and not worth the 10$ cover charge or the 8$ drink. PS: where have all the lipstick lesbians gone?