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  • Flash Gay Village, Toronto


  • littleboy
    littleboy reviewed Queen Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    the gay nite
    the big gay nite is on Sundays for the overkitsh party the rest ist a just a regular nit club in Paris

  • littleboy
    littleboy reviewed Crêpe It Up Over a year ago
    Loves it

    simply good go there!!!!
    I really love this place not over priced, friendly staff, and nice seating area the place to go if you want a nice crepe sweet or savoury

  • littleboy
    littleboy reviewed Flash Over a year ago
    Hates it

    boring boring
    its suppose to be a private sexclub strip club with members only but apparently didnt work out so the result is far from that, u actually pay a cover fee $5 as a ""membership fee"" you have to print your name and sign when you go in the decor is nice woody and chandeliers so kind of classy ( they just kept the deco from the real private club was here before) the ''dancers'' who are not only dancers (Im not talking about serving drinks) are kind of pushy when the place is quiet some of them follow you in the washroom and tease you as they really want you to take them ""upstairs"" in the private area there is not really a seating area just 4/5 with few seats there is 2 stages or better to say 1 main stage(1pole) and 1 pole at the second floor the music is ok, the crow is old and during WE bit busy with the guys curious about this private club as they like to advertise the place is open 3/4times a week during the evening only or around 4/5pm the good news if u have the fantasy to have sex in a bar, its the place to do so as the place is register as sex club, been there 3 times w friends who wanted to try the place