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    I visited on Monday and Tuesday nights, 11 & 12 December. Monday night was a small crowd and very relaxed. Tuesday, half-price night, was very busy with much more action. This was my first visit to a gay bathhouse (married, bi and still in the closet) but the relaxed atomosphere made it very comfortable. I had read about the "towel police" so I generally wore my towel everywhere Monday night. Tuesday night there were no signs of the "towel police" and a number of guys were walking around naked so I often went without one too. (I'm a nudist anyway). Monday night I rented a locker and spent my time in the steam room, sauna and shower areas, as well as cruising the corridors and watching the porno videos. Tuesday I rented one of the larger Captain's Quarters. SHOWERS: The gang showers are nice and clean and great for people watching. On Tuesday several guys openly masturbated in the showers to get hard so I gladly did the same. Never saw any sex acts in the showers either night. STEAMROOM: The steam room was very quiet Monday; I sat in one of the alcoves, took off my towel, enjoyed the steam and stroked my cock; guys would walk by from time to time but no one offered to join me. On Tuesday the steam room wasn't working but there was some steamy action just the same. I joined a couple of others watching as a guy was bent over and taking a serious ass fucking. Eventually another joined in and got his cock sucked by the guy being pounded. It was quite a site and fun to watch while I stroked. SAUNA: The dry sauna was not crowded on Monday and I was able to have a nice chat with another first-time visitor. Most guys kept their towels on but some of us were completely nude. No action that I saw. On Tuesday the sauna was very crowded and I could never find a seat. At one point the sauna went dark and I got to watch a very hot scene as one guy was giving two handjobs while getting his own cock stroked. The fun came to an end when one of the workers screwed the lightbulb back in and gave a very stern warning - "Don't unscrew bulb again!" - which is very understandable considering there's a hot fucking stove in there! SLINGROOM: No action at all on Monday. Tuesday it was the center of most of the action. It's completely dark but after your eyes adjust you can see a bit. I got to see one guy get fucked in the sling but mostly there were a lot of blowjobs being given. I enjoyed standing naked amongst the crowd and stroking my cock and doing mutual cock-stroking with a couple of guys. It actually seemed quite natural - except for the condom wrappers that kept getting stuck to my feet! HALLS/VIDEOS: There are videos playing at three locations in the cabin area with benches and a sofa. On Monday I got to watch some hot sucking action on the couch, then found a place on a bench and stroked my cock under my towel as I was still wary of the "towel police". I did attract the interest of a nice young man and after some brief cock-play he took me back to his cabin and had me fuck him from behind while he jerked off. A very successful encounter for both of us! On Tuesday I encountered a guy sitting naked on my favorite bench and masturbating. I was inspired to to the same. Another guy walked up and offered his ass to my fellow masturbater. My companion stood up, enetred him from behind and proceeded to "tear that ass up" as one of the on-lookers commented. HYDROMASSAGE: Located downstairs in the gym. I had skipped it on Monday but after verifying on Tuesday that towels were optional, I stripped down and enjoyed a nice all-over massage. Several staff members walked by but never said anything so I guess getting the massage au naturel was definitely OK. I really enjoyed my visits but found Tuesday a bit too hectic for my tastes. I will definitely make it a point to visit whenever I'm in DC again!