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  • Palace Bar South Beach, Miami Beach
  • Club One Downtown, Savannah
  • Stonewall Bar Orlando Downtown, Orlando
  • B Resort & Spa Disney Springs, Orlando
  • Club Aqua Miami Coral Gables, Miami


  • ksoquendo
    ksoquendo reviewed Stonewall Bar Orlando Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The gay drug spot!
    I must say that I am completely disappointed by the way I have been treated at this bar since its renovation due to poor management and judgement. As a regular customer, I clearly remember dropping over 100 dollars a night, while having "great chemistry" and actively participating at the bar activities. "Mixology" at Stonewall can be clandestine and emphasizes lack of training, drugs, and emotional abuse. (Where are the licenses for each mixologist?); it clearly got out of hand when cocaine and methamphetamine was introduced as a common subject by staff members... Timi (Timothy J. Hedrich - public record shows his real personality - two arrests due to...(google.com)). Concluding, being a war veteran and a business owner, I will never come back here and fume away potential customers. I never expected drug trafficking at such bar, too! The lack of positive energy is a major issue! PS: alcohol was rationed to mixologists because they always drank on duty (perhaps, they still do), disregarding customer service skills and productivity. This comment is just continuity, basically a promise.