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    I used to come here for the longest time and I really enjoyed it. I've had some better experiences here as a white person, compared to some of my friends where I've witness some unfortunately racist behavior from the actual staff. Once a friend that went with me was wearing a shirt that said "Black Queer Magic" the bouncer at the door looked at them and said "Black Dicks Matter!" which is really not cute. On that same night, one of the staff ripped off my friends head wrap thinking it was funny. If you have been around you know that this behavior is really racially insensitive. The staff has also been incredibly transphobic: they've implemented a bathroom policy requiring you to use the "right" restroom. And some visibly trans patrons have been told to wear less "revealing" clothing. That revealing clothing policy has never been brought up with non-trans people. These people have had good music, and I've met great people there, but those experiences have led me to no longer go there, and it's on a few internal lists of "unsafe" for trans people, particularly of color.