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  • Boardwalk Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale
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    I am a dancer at the Boardwalk since two weeks ago. I looked up reviews to see what others thought about it, and there seems to be a lot of negatives stemming from a clear understanding of what this type of place is about. To start off with, yes I am straight. This place operates like any other strip club(if you think BW's guys are out for your money, go to a women strip. Its like comparing a shark and a guppy) If I sense that someone is truly looking for a hookup/relationship/ etc..(A very stupid thing to do at a strip club where the dancers are paid by tips,lap dances), I tell them I am straight. Most dont care, the BW is about quick thrills and fulfilling the patrons fantasies(for a price, and only to a point) A lot of gay men like a very masculine guy, and straight fits the bill. If you have to have a gay guy, just do a little social networking and you will get to know who is who. Also remember the dancers work 6-9 hours a night and meet dozens of other men just like you that want to hook up with them(not to come off rude, but thats the reality. Another reason to reconsider trying to hook up there) There are some dancers that are for lack of a better word, lowlifes that walk around begging for money and make the place worse for everyone. I wish they would quit. One more thing, I read a lot of reviews in which people used the word "hustle". I agree, ever since moving to Fl that has happened to me quit often. Keep your eyes on your $$$, that means everywhere, not just the BW. Fl operates on tourists spending their(your) money.