edward games, 29M. I am A STRAIGHT master. Please gay masters/gayslaves if you just think I'm hot and want to chat and not serve me, DO NOT BOTHER. I am not here for causal chat and to meet new people. I am here to find slaves to abuse/humiliate and above all CASH rape. Yes since I'm straight don't expect me to be doing you fags any favours without cash UPFRONT. I love crushing fags with my feet as they reach into there wallets giving me their hard earned cash! I live in Australia so if you want realtime be fucking realistic and if you don;t live in Aus don't fucking ask me bout it!!! I am also very much into internet dominating that is, controlling your faggots lives, what sites you do to, how much you spend on-line all that good shit. I also do TV, feet and muscle shows if your willing to hand over the cash for them. Yahoo is [email protected] don't add me if your GOING TO WASTE MY TIME. My website is getting masterashton.com impress me by joining that before you contact me so I know your legit straight up.

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