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  • The Hawk Edgewater, Cleveland
  • Twist Edgewater, Cleveland


  • juniorprof2013
    juniorprof2013 reviewed Twist Over a year ago
    Loves it

    too many fans
    i feel comfortable at twist and it can be a cool bar to relax in with friends. but its not a hot time. its not a cruise bar either. i'm puzzled why there are a multitude of fans for bars that don't have much to offer. i guess that any bar that doesn't ban someone gets that customer as a fan. that's a shame, because a visitor to cleveland would not get a good idea of what these bars are like, judging by the regular customers who talk up their favorite watering holes.

  • juniorprof2013
    juniorprof2013 reviewed Aura Over a year ago
    Hates it

    how can the guys under me be fans? the bar is not gay and any gay man who tries to drink here will be bashed or pushed out.

  • juniorprof2013
    juniorprof2013 reviewed The Hawk Over a year ago
    Hates it

    strong opinions!
    the hawk of all places brings out the best and worst in gay men. it may not be as horrid a bar as some of the posts suggest but it surely is not a good as other say. it is a dive it is in need of a good scrub down it has more than its share of trolls and other monsters but it also has some down-to-earth and easy-going guys and it is in a better area than either cocktails or mans world