26M. Who am I?: I am Josh, a very enthusiastic/loving/artistic guy. I love being with people though it doesn't seem like it since I am very shy at first. Ive been in the closet for the longest time so never had the chance to hang out/date with a guy. If any questions, ask. I don't bite... At all A little more about me: My Hobbies are anything about arts, including martial arts. I also love traveling to different places and learning new languages. So far trying Italian, since Im planning to Visit Italy any time soon. I am also a music major, aiming for either production or education I consider myself nice and friendly. Friends find me funny due to my personality and my accent. I come from Colombia, South America and I am half Brazilian as well. My taste of music? usually classical or but I also love alternate metal such as Linkin Park and Evanescence What am I looking for? A little into looks, sometimes just pure personality. I am mostly attracted to Caucasians and Latinos. (Doesn't mean you have to be) I want to try friendship before anything.

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