42M. I am 30 years olds still at home with the parents. i work at a christian college. music is a gift of mine. i usually am a greaty guy to spend realxing and cfreative times together. we can go to places like waterloo gardens just to browse and take the culture in or we could go to a resturaunt and sit in the bar section to just chat... feel free to ask for my number and if you are the leader at most times i will be pleased with that. just be yourself and let me do the same. i am a clean respectful man and hope the same for yourself.

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  • Bike Stop Washington Square West, Philadelphia
  • Tavern on Camac Washington Square West, Philadelphia
  • U Bar Washington Square West, Philadelphia
  • Woody's Washington Square West, Philadelphia



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    places places places
    this is where the life of judgement is at. this is such a great place to enjoy quality dj service, good sized drinks and men who are trying for the secret hollywood look and the ones that are trying to hepl themselves with thier common interest on sharing a man on man life together. this is a true excellent atmosphere with quality and true people here to help your life of good times during hard weeks of making the money

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    johnnyblocks reviewed Bike Stop Over a year ago
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    where to go for culture
    I went to the bike stop a few time and truly it was worth it. i like to come into my nature of life and see how others act to get the picture better. this is the place