Joe Black, 28M. My name is Joe. I am 24 yrs old & I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I have an AC/DC tattoo on my left shoulder & on my right shoulder I have a tattoo of a cross behind a bible with the sunlight glowing on it. I also have my left ear pierced. I use to wear a size 00 gauge in my left ear, but I can always put my size 00 gauge back in. The music I like is, Classic Rock music, Southern Rock music, Hard Rock Music, Heavy Metal Music, Metal Music, 90's Rock music and some of today's rock , 80's Country music, 90's Country music, & Today's Country music & Blues music. I am single. I am searching for a serious relationship, something real. I am a loving, caring, respectful, romantic, trustworthy, fun to be around, non-judgmental, a gentleman, outgoing, down to earth, & kind-hearted. I hope that you will give me a chance cause you wont regret it. I'm a kind of guy that will always be by your side threw the good times & threw the bad times. I also I will always be there to support you threw anything & everything that you want to do in life. I also will be by your side when ever you get frustrated. You should give me a chance cause you will never find a great guy like me. I would love to hear back from you

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