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  • The Chelsea Mews Guesthouse Chelsea, New York


  • jo.sampaio.7
    jo.sampaio.7 reviewed The Chelsea Mews Guesthouse Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Rude, Unprofessional, Creepy, Very Gross! Nightmare!
    Its been a nightmare to stayed at this place, it cost $125 per night, ist not worth it at all. The guy who checked me in, the middle age guy( around 40 something) its freakin stupid and horny PIG( my suggestion, go the gym and started work out) , he started to touched me when he checked me in to the room. And the other OLD GAY GUY, very old, he is full of drama, i saw he kicked the guy out of the place because he forgot to pay the extra night,! MY suggestion to CHELSEA MEWS GUESTHOUSE, clean your place, i know its an first old gay guesthouse, but it doesn't mean the person who worked there have to be an old minded! being professional without touching or groping people. with $ 125 you can have a nice private room in chelsea via! and you will feel comfortable without hearing an OLD GAY guy screaming and yelling!