John Ensslen, 62M. I am somewhat out & about guy I believe in moderate to brisk walking ( no running ) Love visiting museums I not a complete art lover, but I do appreciate it. I like action pack movies and some kid movies. I am abit of Star trek collector I love old Sci Fi movies including the current classics I am into some music especially the 1970's and 1980's Some of 1990's That is only rap I like Some of today's music is too off the beat for me.

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    They call this beach a clothing optional beach I would say 65% nudity and 35 % clothing Even I put my swim trunks back on at times I did not get burned until the end my feet got hit the hardest. I hardly got any suntan or burn in frontal portion of my body. I wish there was review about this beach It is controlled by the Federal government which is the Department of Interior I feel this beach needs a review It is a really nice beach on the North East Coast Not many clothing optional beaches on the East Coast.