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  • jimburnell
    jimburnell reviewed Zonie's Closet Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Don't come here unless you enjoy being treated rudely
    I don't know what kind of crowd this place usually attracts but I can say that I will never come back here. I was checking out the bars on a Sunday before flying home. When I walked in, the bartender demanded my ID - which was fine, but I didn't like his tone. After verifying my age, he returned my ID to me and asked me what I would be having. I politely said "Nothing, thanks." I then attempted to go back to view the patio - just wanted to see what the place was like. The bartender stopped me and said that if I wasn't going to buy something I would have to leave. I certainly will never come here again, and I recommend others to avoid it as well unless they don't mind being treated rudely.