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  • Hotel Villa Roca Manuel Antonio,
  • FLEX Spas Phoenix Central Phoenix, Phoenix


  • jimaz09
    jimaz09 reviewed FLEX Spas Phoenix Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Definitely the PHX play-palace for....
    ...variety. Has a dark sex room which can be really hot whether you like to watch or be watched. The maze is, in my opinion, too dark considering there are things to trip over. My advice: Keep it dark remove the unnecessary step-like obstacles. Pool is great. Rooms avail ranging from full bed/bath to sm. rm's. Most have in-room tv's with 4-5 porn channels, some just bed only. Lockers-only available too. Testing now offered on-site. Condoms available-Stay STD-free, and whatever you do, be responsible. Much more laid-back and let you have the freedom to exercise personal choices in privacy of your room, which you pay for, then other men-only club. Nice alternative for indoor fun and outdoor social area. If you want to meet, find me.