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  • Flaming Saddles Salon Hell's Kitchen, New York
  • Zawacki Body Greenvale
  • jhudgins
    jhudgins reviewed Flaming Saddles Salon Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Tourist trap
    After reading about this exciting new new bar I was excited that NYC had a Gay country western bar and was excited to go .... Well I went. It just another tourist trap offering the opportunity for straight tourists and fag hags to sit back and drink way too expensive drinks while having a good laugh at Gay boys who honestly want to make something of themselves expense. This straight owned club is nothing but an oportunistic venue to make fun of the fags trying to be butch or trying to recreate "Oklahoma". Please don't patronize. It's no different than Lips making fun of the transgender community.

  • jhudgins
    jhudgins reviewed Zawacki Body Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Gay Men's Aerobics and Dance Classes
    These classes are forming now!!! Call for more info!