Jesse Werner, 30. Well lets start off with this. I want a man before Christmas so we can wake up Christmas morning and spend time together and seat by the fireplace and live together and make out and love and go out joy ride into the night into the sunset that's spending a lot of time together a lot. I want a man that opens doors for me. I want a man that cooks for me and makes breakfast in bed for me. I want a man that loves to sleep in on Sundays and all day and likes to cuddle. I want a man that loves to be at home watch movies and Netflix and likes to go out to places like play pool swim and bowling hiking biking talking going to parks movies canal and like to listen to music and I mean country music in the car or at home and listening to it why working and on a car and in bed. I am a cowboy to. I dress up has a cowboy.

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  • Downtown Olly's Downtown, Indianapolis
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  • Henry's Coffee Bistro Mass Ave, Indianapolis