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  • Pro Shop Pub Clearwater, Clearwater
  • Datz Delicatessen & Foodie's Market South Tampa, Tampa
  • The Tampa Men's Club Drew Park, Tampa


  • jeremy1234
    jeremy1234 reviewed Datz Delicatessen & Foodie's Market Over a year ago
    Loves it

    The best sandwich in town
    I've been to Datz a few times. Each time I've had something different and never been disappointed. If your going, be willing to wait, the place stays busy and you will have to wait for a table. The staff is amazing, they are attentive, and very polite. The food is amazing, wether you have a sandwich for lunch, or french toast on the Sunday brunch. They also have a great wine and beer list. There is a restaurant, with a deli attached, so you are able to purchase a large selection of specialty cheeses, meats, condoments and deserts.

  • jeremy1234
    jeremy1234 reviewed The Tampa Men's Club Over a year ago
    Hates it

    No one in the place. New but things are not running
    I stopped to check out the Tampa Men's Club because I have "heard" via online ads so many things about it. There were only 2 other guys in the place. I stayed thinking that I would catch another one or two but there was no chance in that. One guy was very overweight, and the other was just creepy, kept following me arround. He kept groping himself and trying to get me to go with him. The dude wouldn't take the hint when I ignored him 3 times, he just kept trying. The steam room wasn't working, and the whirlpool wasn't working. For such a new place, no business and the ammenities were not working. This was a very expensive adventure with no good outcome.

  • jeremy1234
    jeremy1234 reviewed Pro Shop Pub Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Ok, but no real customers other than the regular drunk old guys
    I have been to this bar several times. The bar tenders are great, and serve a great drink. The atmosphere is not so great. You are def hit on by every old drunk in the neighbor hood. I have seen a few fights, and none really that need to happen. If the bar staff pay attention and get rid of the people that may make trouble you could avoid the fights. However the people that fight, buy more drinks, and it seems as long as your getting drunk they keep you in the bar. They have no concern over you leaving the place drunk. Clearwater is def. not the place to drive drunk, and this is not the neighborhood to be out walking drunk. So not really a great place at all.