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  • The Hawk Edgewater, Cleveland


  • jdliu
    jdliu reviewed The Hawk Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Strong drinks, fun crowd
    The crowd at this bar is definitely eclectic. On this particular Tuesday, there were trannys, twinks, bears, etc. With that said, everyone was having a blast and for the most part, very friendly. Coming from DC, the drinks here were very cheap, almost too good to be true. Draft Coor's light for $1.50, call drinks for $4.50. They are also very liberal on the pour. Relative to what I typically get in DC, all of our mixed drinks were doubles. The "shots" were also more than just shots. They were served straight up in shooter glasses. Now I can see why everyone was having such a good time :) Many of the guys here were very friendly and it was pretty easy starting up a conversation with most of them. Unlike DC, most folks here didn't have an agenda in mind, rather just looking for a safe space to unwind on a Tuesday. My friend and I definitely had a great time and enjoyed our drinks. The bartenders were so helpful and attentive too. If we are ever back in town, we will stop by Hawk again.