Jacob Gonzales, 29M. I grew up in St.Charles, Missouri, lived much of the last 4 years in St.Louis, Missouri. I moved to Excelsior Springs, MO; just about a month ago to join this job corps program to further my education and career in culinary arts. I was a rebel in high school where socializing and relationships was my priority then and only recently have I come to care less about socializing and more about myself and my future which led me to this program. Im actually finishing way above the original scedual I was led to believe(as I was told I would b here 9-12 months) when in fact I may b graduated from here by September or October at the latest. It has become a great dream of mine to become a chef on a cruise ship(esp a gay cruise ship would b even better) or else a pastry chef similar to that of the food networks cake bosses. Id also like to learn chef techniques in ethnic foods like Puerto rican, Mongolian, and thai foods. I am of Italian native American and Puerto Rican decent. My name is trevor but because of my past and the work ive done in that past ive come to be known by other names as well(from stripping at Boxers N Briefs in Centreville Illinois I was known as Jacob Black, stripping at the lucky horseshoe lounge in Chicago I was known as Rico Cortez. I've also done porn in Chicago known as Jonathon Rivera and in Springfield Illinois as Jacob Black.) I was also a go go dancer in St. Louis at Attitudes nightclub and Erney's 32 Vodka Bar. Im pretty much done with the modeling career at this point but if I were given the option to do more porn or modeling I would probably take up the offer(especially if it was with people like Antonio Biaggi, Blackey Madison, Rafael Alencar, or studios like Eric Videos, Machofucker, or CiteBauer. I no longer really care about having too many friends and keep my circle pretty small these days, I definitely don't care about having relationships because I have found way more fun in being single these days; however I do love having legit fwb's. My idols in life are Madonna, Chino Lozada, and Taylor Lautner. I do love meeting new people and I do love to travel so if you have any questions or have some job offers please do let me know.

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